Monday 7 January 2019

How to setup salesforce customer community | Setup and manage salesforce communities

How to setup salesforce customer community

Long time back we create one post of "How to setup salesforce community". In this post we will talk about step by step process to setup salesforce community. We will cover below topics:-

1) Introduction to Community Cloud.

2) How to create Basic Salesforce Community with Community Builder.
3) How to create the Custom Content Layout with Lightning Component.
4) How to setup Salesforce Navigation Menu.
5) How to setup page Variations and audience in Lightning Salesforce Community.
6) How to setup/configure Snap-in Chat.
7) How to create Lightning Bolt Solution.

1) Introduction to Community Cloud

Get to know about what is community cloud and how many type of community cloud license we have.

2) Setup Salesforce Community 

In this recording we talk about how to setup Salesforce lightning community and how to configure the community Theme, change color / font and Upload the community header/ banner image. We also talk about how to setup self registration in community.

3) Content Layout in Salesforce Community

In this recording we talk about how to create custom content layout for your Salesforce community.

4) Setup Communities Navigation Menu

In this recording we talk about how to create navigation menu/sub menu for your Salesforce community.

5) Page Variations and Audience in Salesforce Community

Audiences are sets of criteria used to define community member. Use them to keep your community members engaged by offering them personalized, relevant content. We can also create page variations that target specific audiences community (base on location, profile etc), and control who sees which page base on their profile and audiences criteria. Please check below recording for step by step process to setup page variations and audience in salesforce community.

6) Knowledge In Community

In this recording we can see how to configure the Knowledge and how to configure the Content / Articles for your Salesforce community.

7) Snap in Chat in Salesforce Community 

If you want to configure the Live agent with Snap-in Chat then check below recording. In below recording we talk about step by step process to configure the Snap-in Chat.

8) Lightning Bolt Solution

In out last post we talk about Lightning Bolt Solution.
Lightning Bolt - new framework for deploying next generation communities and portals quicker. Lightning Bolt for Salesforce allows you to quickly build and distribute industry-specific Lightning Bolt Solutions to jump-start new org capabilities. Save time by building once then reusing

If you want to create the Lightning Bolt Solution. Please check below recording.

Please share your feedback and let us know if you want to learn some new topic in Salesforce Community.

Amit Chaudhary


  1. Hello ,
    I am looking to set a system maintenance announcements or any feature or service down announcements on partner community .The following is the expectaion:
    1.whenever user logs in to the community on top the message should display with 'x' icon to close ,once closed i should not see it until i have the new message published .
    2.messages should be able to set and delete by admin .
    Is there any out of the box functionality i can make use of or any other way to do it.
    Your time is very much appreciated.
    Thank you