Wednesday 7 November 2018

Lightning Bolt Solution in Salesforce | Lightning Community

Lightning Bolt Solution

Lightning Bolt - new framework for deploying next generation communities and portals quicker. Lightning Bolt for Salesforce allows you to quickly build and distribute industry-specific Lightning Bolt Solutions to jump-start new org capabilities. Save time by building once then reusing. Lightning bolt solution should be combination of one or more following iteams
1) Community Template
2) Flow
3) Custom Apps

Please follow  below step to setup Lightning Bolt Solution
Step 1) Create Community and do all changes what you want to do.
Setup--> Community --> New community

Step 2) Export the Community Template.
Once all changes done click on Setting and the click on Developer, Then provide all required detail

Step 3) Now Create Bolt Solution
Setup--> Lightning Bolt Solution --> Then on detail Branding page enter information about your Lightning Bolt Solution.
Then Select the template which we export
So Finally your Lightning Bolt Solution is ready

Step 4) If you want to share same Lightning bolt solution with some . Then you can create one manage package and share.

Please check below recording for how to setup Lightning Bolt Solution Here is Recording

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