About Me

I am Amit Chaudhary working on Salesforce Platform since 2011 and have 7 Salesforce Certificates.
Working as Salesorce CRM Consultant. Expertise in Salesforce customization, Data Migration on Salesforce Org using Tools (Apex Data Loader, CLI) ,apex programing, work-flow,visual force,automated email alerts, dedicated workflow engine, administration, App Exchange Integration and Governor Limit Based Programming. Apart from working to get paid, I spend few hours on the developer forum. I am an active contributor from couple of years. I am also running Farmington Hills Salesforce Developer Group. Follow me on twitter.

Feel free to connect me on my email id (amit.salesforce21@gmail.com) if you need any help

Amit Chaudhary


  1. Hello Amit,
    Can you help with any automation databackup for salesforce objects like CLI. if have any demo for it that will help a lot, actually now a days people need to take there data backup everyday without miss. if you help with any of the easy and good backup automation tools.


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  6. Hi,
    I am new to Salesforce and would like to know if we can display data from REST API returning data in XML format.
    or do we need some classes to convert xml data to JSON and then show it in Salesforce. Would appreciate some guidance.

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