Friday 26 August 2016

Live Agent Implementation | Setting up live Agent in Salesforce

What is Live Agent

Now days customers expect fast replies and quick resolutions. With Live Agent web chat, We can give them quicker responses to their queries. Live Agent provide users the ability to interact with the agents through web chat to get more information about specific product or queries

Process 1) Follow below Step to Setup Live Agent 

Step 1 :- Open live Agent Setting
Customize --> Live Agent----> Live Agent Setting

Step 2:- Enable Live Agent 
Click on Enable Live Agent Chat Box and click on save button

Once you will enable the Live Agent below object will auto created in your org.
  1. Live Chat Visitors
  2. Live Chat Transcripts
  3. Live Chat Transcript Events
  4. Live Agent Sessions
  5. Live Agent Supervisor
  6. Live Agent
  7. Quick Text
Step 3:- Setup Live Agent User.

Setup--> My Setting -> Advanced User Details--> Then click on Live Agent User checkbox

Step 4:- Set Skill

Click on Setup --> Live Agent --> Skill

 Then Click on new button and setup skill like below screen

Step 5:- Upload Online and Offline Image

Upload online and offline image in "Static Resource"

Step 6:- Setup Chat Buttons & Invitations

Setup--> Customize -->Live Agent --> Chat Button & Invitation.

then click on New Button. And add all below detail

Once you will click on Save button the chat button code will come

Copy Above Script and keep with you

Step 7:- Create Deployment

Click on Setup-> Customize --> Live Agent--> Deployments

Then click on New button and provide all below detail

Then click on Save button. After Saving Deployment code will come like below

Copy the Deployment code.

Create the HTML page with Chat Button Code (Step 6) and Deployment Code.

NOTE:- First you need to copy Chat Button Code then Deployment Code.

Now you all Set with live Agent Configuration

Process 2) Now Setup the Agent Console ( Console App )

Step 1:- Open App Wizard
Setup--> Create --> App

Step 2:- Create new Console App

Click on new button then select console button

While creating the App on Step 6 select the "Include Live Agent in this App" check box like below

Now All Set. We can test the same now

Process 3) How To Test

Click on HTML page which you created in process 1 Step 7.

Once you page will open and Agent is not online the below Html page will show you offline image

Once Agent will come online from agent console then image will change on client HTML page

How Agent will come online

Step 1:- Select Live Agent Console App

Step 2) Then from the Live Agent Click on Online button

Now All Set Agent is online :)

Step 3) Refresh you HTML page
Once Agent will login the HTML will show you online image like below

Then click on Image the set session will start.

Accept chat from agent console

Amit Chaudhary


  1. Awesome! Amit sir, really i would like to say thanks for such kind of blog and help....thank you very much ...working perfectly.

  2. Great stuff to read here, thanks for sharing. Keep Sharing the knowledge regularly.

    Salesforce Consulting Services

  3. HI, good article..

    1. is there any option to create floating button (stick button) on some place on page? so it will stay on his position while page is scrolling?

    can we design button?


  4. Thank you soo much Amit!!

    Loved this article (heart)

  5. Images are not getting loaded, kindly help!!

  6. Hi Amit,

    Can we transfer chat to different button through apex and maintain user context.


    1. Hi Pavan, Amit - Even i have this query on routing chat to different button through apex.

  7. Hi Amit,

    I need your help with Einstein Bot and Post Chat feedback form.

    The requirement is -

    Einstein Bot -
    * After 3 minutes if the visitor is still stuck with the chat bot and he is not getting a satisfactory answer, the chat redirects to the customer agent.

    Post Chat form -

    *As soon as we end chat there should be a button called Give Feedback.
    *As soon as we click on Give Feedback button, there should be a rating mechanism like stars and then a text area to provide the message.
    *Then a button called send feedback to send the feedback.
    *Then visitor can close the chat.

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