Monday 15 August 2016

CLI | command line interface salesforce |

Requirements for the batch process

1) Data Loader
2) JRE

Step 1) Encrypting Passwords

1: Create the Key File

Execute above command and copy the Key and paste in notepad and save as SFDC.key .

2: Create the password

Then with the help of key file create the password and save same password in file.

Step 2) Create the process-conf.xml 

The process-conf.xml file contains the setup for each action that needs to take place. Each Extract, Insert, Upsert, or Delete function needs to have a different section in the process-conf.xml file.

Step 3) Configuration properties ( )

The process-conf.xml file mostly contains properties for more then one Process Beans. So we can use the file for all common properties like below
1) User Name
2) Password

Step 4) How  To Run Process 


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