Thursday, 5 May 2016

Access Token Generation | OAuth 2.0 | Connected App | Rest API Access Token

Problem:- How to Generate OAuth token to execute the Rest API.

Step 1:- Create the connected App. (This is one time activity only)


Then click on Connected App

Then Enter all required values and Save.

Step 2:-  Get Consumer key and Consumer Consumer Secret Values

Copy Consumer Key and Consumer Secret .

Step 3:- Open Mozilla and under that open Rest Client using Plugin.
( If not available then please install plugin from below link)


Step 4:- Generate URL

Use below link to Generate the Token for accessing SFDC***Consumer Key_Here***&client_secret=***Consumer Secret_Here***&username=*********&password=*****password+securityToken******

Consumer key should be client id  and consumer Secrete should be client secrete

Change the user id and passwords as per your id 

Step 5:- Give the link in the URL and it would generate the Access Token

The three primary endpoints used with OAuth 2.0 are:
  • Authorization—
  • Token—
  • Revoke—
For a sandbox, use instead of

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