Wednesday 1 June 2016

REST Explorer | Using Workbench | Execute API from Workbench

The best way to test your web-service is workbench. The browser based workbench does not require OAuth as long as your browser session is active.

How to open REST Explorer

1) Log in to your developer organization.

2) Open a new browser tab and navigate to and login after click on i agree button.

 3) Then Open REST Explorer. Click Utilities | REST Explorer.

4) If you want to see REST Explorer service then use below URL and click on execute button

URL:- /services/data/v36.0
Method :- Get

How to Use REST Explorer

Some Useful URL :-

1) To get Sobject detail :-  /services/data/v36.0/sobjects

Sample  URL to  Get Account object detail
URL:- /services/data/v36.0/sobjects/account/describe

2)  To query :- /services/data/v36.0/query

Sample URL to get any record
URL:- /services/data/v36.0/query?q=SELECT+id,name,''

3) Execute Apex Rest API
Please check below post for more information

URL:- services/apexrest/APIURL

Please check below post for workbench

Please let us know if this will help you


Amit Chaudhary