Friday 22 April 2016

Service cloud Phone Systems

Allows for telephony to be integrated with the support/call center application.
PBX – Private Branch Exchange system is the initial starting point for all calls into the support center. Allows organizations to receive multiple phone calls at one time
ACD – Automatic Call Distributor uses intelligent routing to direct calls to the appropriate agent.
      The Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), also referred to as the phone switch, provides the ability to route calls to the most appropriate customer service representative by matching specific types of calls to available representatives who have certain designated customer servicing skills.  ACD software can be used to generate standard and customized reports for evaluating real-time and historical call statistics.

IVR – An Interactive Voice Response system will prompt customer/caller for reason for calling.
      Interactive Voice Response (IVR), is used to provide call prompting and self-service functions to customers using the phone channel.  Call prompting can be used to identify the caller and type of request prior to call routing for more effective service.  Self-service options allow the customer to perform relatively simple servicing tasks without speaking to a customer service representative.

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