Sunday, 20 September 2015

Code Coverage Report in excel Format | Test Class Result in XLS

Now you can view the overall and individual entity code coverage in your organization. The results of the code coverage can be downloaded in Excel format

For Same you Can install the below App Exchange Product

Code Coverage Report

How to configure the App. 
Please check below link for same.

How To Configure This APP

You can check the Setup step in Installation and Configuration Tab

Step 1:- Setup Remote Site Setting

Add a value for Remote site setting (In same org in which package is installed)
Goto Setup > Administration Setup > Security Controls > Remote Site Settings Add value to your Salesforce instance, for example  '’

Step 2 Setup Base URL

Please set your Base URL.
Go to Setup > Develop > Custom Settings > Code Coverage Configuration > Manage > New. Set the name to 'baseUrl' and the value to your Salesforce instance, for example ''

à Open Custom Setting and Click on Code Coverage Configuration 

à Then click on Manage

à Then click on Manage and then New Button and then Enter the below detail
Name as :- baseUrl

(Please enter your org base url.)