Sunday 15 March 2020

World's First Salesforce Virtual Dreamin event

We are glad to announce the world first Salesforce Virtual Dreamin after a great success of Apex Hours, Automation Champion and Path To Code virtual program. All these events got fantastic response from various part of globe because it can be attended by anyone from anywhere.

There are so many fabulous Salesforce dreamins happening around the globe however there are some people who either are remote, not in a big city or just unable to travel. That’s why the above advantages of Virtual events are so important. There is an event named Virtual Dreamin and nows the time for you to join in. Don’t miss this one of a kind event.

"Geographical location is not an obstacle anymore. Join Dreamin from anywhere on planet"

5 Reasons Why Virtual Events Are The Future

  1. Join from Anywhere : A virtual event can overcome the limitations of brick and mortar events. You can connect with hundreds of people simultaneously. Whether you are at the grocery store or stuck in traffic. Just connect to the platform, settle in and meet people from all over the world.
  2. No Need to Travel & its Safe : No flight delays, security checks, or weather delays. If its virtual event, you can join from the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is an internet capable device with audio and visual capabilities and an internet connection. Check it out, Salesforce officially announced that its going virtual for Sydney world tour 2020 for safety concern.
  3. Easy on Budget : How about no more waiting on your VISA to go through, flight and hotel costs or waiting on your reimbursement check. Virtual events remove that barrier and allows you the freedom to explore without having to worry about the cost.
  4. More Outreach : No more geographical barriers. Since you can join these events from anywhere, means you are going to reach more participants and speakers. Use social media platforms to increase visibility to promote your event to reach more users with the added benefit of saving money.
  5. Quality Speakers : There are highly talented and inspiring speakers out there and getting those speakers can be impacted by the logistics of travel, budget, and time. If you are aspiring speaker, this is your chance to step up and show the world how capable you are.

3 Bonus reason to join Virtual Dreamin

  1. Its Free : Virtual Dreamin is free. Registration is now open for the World's First Salesforce Virtual Dreamin event on May 16-17, 2020. Register here
  2. Its 24 Hours : This event is 24 hours event means you can join this from Timezone of your country.
  3. 3 Tracks running at same time : Three Track of sessions which include Admin, Devs & Architect. These tracks also includes Hands On Training (HoT), WIT and App Demo Jam. A Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is the pinnacle credential anyone can hold in Salesforce ecosystem. You can say, they are rare to find in Salesforce ecosystem like unicorns. However, we are grateful & honored as 5 CTA’s are taking time from their busy schedule and sharing knowledge with us.

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Amit Chaudhary


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