Monday 19 August 2019

Create Object From Spreadsheet | Excel sheet | Lightning Object Creator

Now Converting excel spreadsheet data into Salesforce Objects is every easy. In Dreamforce 18, Salesforce promised to make app creation easier and faster when they introduced Lightning Object Creator. With the Lightning Object Creator, it only takes a few steps to translate the spreadsheet columns into fields, define field types and import all the spreadsheet data. With Lightning Object Creator, Salesforce is expanding integrations with Google Cloud.

This feature helps user to create mass number of fields (using excel template) of different field types in few clicks.

NOTE: You will be able to see it in your sandbox(es) from August 7 2019 or if you go to this link:

Lets see how it will work :-

Turning spreadsheets into custom objects is as easy as three simple steps.

Step 1) Navigate to  Lightning Object Creator

Click on Setup->Object Manager-> Then Select Custom Object From Spreadsheet.

Step 2) Upload Spreadsheet.

Now upload the spreadsheet from your computer, google sheet or Office 365 or Drive.

After uploading the Excel sheet Salesforce will automatically detect the fields. You can customize the Salesforce field name and field type. Additionally, you can choose to add a particular field to a page layout directly as well like below screen.

You can also view the data preview after click on below selected button

Step 3) Setup Object Properties

You can control of the object’s permissions including enabling chatter for the object, allowing search and reporting.

Some Important Point
  1. By default your excel file tab name will become Object name, we can change the Object name after uploading the file into Salesforce
  2. We can not create formula field, relationship fields and Rollup summary field.

For more detail please check below post


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  1. thanks for sharing, wonderful feature

  2. Is there any template for how a sheet should be formatted to upload to the object creator?

  3. Great post, could you possibly upload the template you used as a reference?

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