Thursday 4 January 2018

Salesforce DX | Change a Password for a Scratch Org in Salesforce

Change a Password for a Scratch Org User

In our last post we learn about how to install Salesforce DX and how to create Scratch org with salesforce DX,

What is Scratch Org ?

A Scratch org is a dedicated , configurable and short term Salesforce org that you can quickly spin - up when starting a new project , new feature branch and feature Test.

Create Password for Scratch org

When we create a scratch org using command line it does not show password. But if you need  password for your scratch org then try below command.

Step 1) Generate password

sfdx force:user:password:generate -u <Alise_Org_Name>

sfdx force:user:password:generate -u MyFirstScratch

Step 2) To see the password again.

sfdx force:org:display -u MyFirstScratch

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Amit Chaudhary

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