Saturday 16 December 2017

Salesforce Apex Hours:-Mitigate with Mono-Purpose Microservices

Farmington Hill Salesforce Developer group / "Salesforce Apex Hours" organized another successful Online session/event on Sat, DEC 16, 2017 , focusing on "Mitigate with Mono-Purpose Microservices".

"Salesforce Apex Hours" is a recurring event to talk about salesforce ! Some times we'd like to meet on one location and some time online. This time we are planning one online session on "Mitigate with Mono-Purpose Microservices" job with Don Robins (Salesforce MVP).  

Agenda :- 
1) Microservices –WHAT, WHY, HOW
2) My Microservice – PDF Parser a practical mitigation use case
3) Sample Microservice demo and code walk thru
4) Take-aways and Links

The flexibility built into the Salesforce platform allows developers to build incredible enterprise and mobile applications using a No Code, Low Code or High Code approach. Developers can build most of their apps with declarative tools, and code their way to success with Apex, Visualforce and Lightning Components when needed. But what’s a developer to do when the platform tools just don’t let them do what they need? In this presentation we’ll explore how to mitigate such requirements by integrating Salesforce with external Heroku micro-services to provide extended solutions that typically can't be met with capabilities.

Here is Session PPT

Here is Session Recording

Amit Chaudhary @amit_sfdc
Email :-


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