Monday 8 May 2017

Success Story of :- Adam Olshansky

Welcome to my 10th Salesforce Success Story series. This series is focused on success story and to inspire/encourage new user/Developer. And why we should join our local Salesforce Developer/User group.

1) Your Job Title
[ADAM ] :- Salesforce Developer

2) Your success Story
[ADAM ] :- I started off as an analyst for SAP Infrastructure and lucked into using Salesforce after a promotion. Having come from a Java background in college, I found the platform both easy to pick up and extremely user friendly compared to SAP. I also loved being able to focus on building and creating apps and not having to worry about the behind the scenes hardware. I attended my first Dreamforce and fell in love with the platform after attending a couple of hands-on trainings and experiencing the feeling of given back! I was also inspired to start getting Salesforce Certified to motivate myself to learn and prove myself on the platform to companies. After receiving 5 certs in 6 weeks, I set on the Advanced Developer path and after landing my first Salesforce developer job and achieving that cert, I started down the Architect path! Today I have 13 Salesforce certifications, am a Salesforce MVP, am a full-time Salesforce developer, and looking to give back to the community any way that I can. More info here: and

3) Why we Should Join a Salesforce User/Developer Group
[ADAM ] :- It's a great opportunity to network with other people passionate about the platform as well as learn how to use the platform in a new way!

4) Advice for new Salesforce Developer
[ADAM ] :- Don't be intimidated! There are a tremendous amount of people in the community who want to help you! There are also a great number of resources out there to help you grow your career.

5) Trailhead badges
[ADAM ] :- I have 200+ but my favorites are:

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