Wednesday 8 March 2017

Success Story of : Vinay Chaturvedi

Welcome to my 7th Salesforce Success Story series. This series is focused on success story and to inspire/encourage new user/Developer. And why we should join our local Salesforce Developer/User group.

 1) Your Job Title.

[Vinay Chaturvedi]
:- Working as a Principal Consultant with Dazeworks,

2) Your success Story. 

[Vinay Chaturvedi] :-  I am an Electrical Engineer by education but was very passionate about the Software Industry, that’s the reason why an Electrical engineer took the most critical decision once that was a life changing event for me. I take pride in saying this and saying this again "Salesforce=Successful me", today, everything I do, everything I talk, its Salesforce everywhere. I am Loving & Living Salesforce since 2011, working as a Principal Consultant and have been through every phase of career as a Consultant / Developer / Geek / Evangelist. I have been awarded as a Salesforce MVP in 2016. I am also leading Salesforce User/Developer Groups here in Noida, India. I Leads Salesforce User Group Leaders Office Hours Call for APAC Region.[#SFUGLOH]. I love contributing to Success Community and proud that he has answered more than 4.5K answers check those out here: SalesforceAnswerCommunity. I started blogging in 2014 and have worked on various awesome blog series such as Learn Salesforce Lightning with Examples, Formulas series, Reports series, AppExchange App review series, Learn Regex in Salesforce with Examples, you can check all here on my website: ( Amit :- He is hero in Noida :) )

3) Why we should join a Salesforce User / Developer Groups.

[Vinay Chaturvedi] :-     A chance to Network with the fellow Trailblazers: - Salesforce brings you this amazing opportunity to network and interact with the awesome Salesforce community around the globe and to network with the fellow trailblazers and a chance to grow together that makes up to the strongest community and Salesforce-Ohana.
    Knowledge Sharing:- Knowledge Sharing and Knowledge Exchange is the biggest advantage one gets attending the Group Meetups, that's your chance to grow and learn. One also gets helped in setting the future roadmaps looking over and listening to success stories coming from the community that inspires us to be the best. 
    Fun Activities:- If you've never been or attended the local User/Developer group Meetup/Events before, don't miss to be here Learning with fun, for me leading the group and making arrangements for every meetup is one of the things I love the most as it helps me be the best. Planning for the Events by collecting feedbacks from the members helps me to add more value and maintaining uniqueness of the Group events lead by me.
    Every member gets a chance to shine, share knowledge, to present before others, speak before large gathering and skill improvement are added on advantages and this provides everyone, a chance to get recognized by all.

4) Advice for new Salesforce Developer.

 [Vinay Chaturvedi] :- Success is something which takes efforts, its earned with time, the only way is hard work and consistency. Kick-Off with Trailhead- The fun way to learn, that brings you everything that helps you grow better and smoother. Join the Local User/Developer group and keep aligned with the awesome Salesforce Community to explore the possibilities to grow & enhance your learning. Your successful career is just a step away, followed by Success all around. Wish you all the best.

5) I am a proud Trailblazer:-

[Vinay Chaturvedi]:- Mission 150-Badges accomplished, I'm a Ranger! It's so pleasure being here every time as this is my favorite pastime, this is one stop shop for getting everything around Salesforce, something I never miss  on : are the release related badges that keeps me updated about all new functionalities added to Salesforce platform. (Amit :- wow :) )

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