Thursday 2 February 2017

Success Story of : - Mike Martin

Welcome to my 5th Salesforce Success Story series. This series is focused on success story and to inspire/encourage new user/Developer. And why we should join our local Salesforce Developer/User group.

1) Your Job Title

[Mike Martin ] :- I am a Client Partner with Appirio.  I am responsible for building and growing relationships with Salesforce clients in the northern midwest.

2) Your success Story   

[Mike Martin ] :- I was introduced to the Salesforce Ecosystem when I started a new job as a Sales Engineer for a software company here in Indianapolis back in 2008.  The company had been using Salesforce for 3-4 years, and had a solid implementation, but the Salesforce product owner was leaving the company, and they needed someone to take over.  I spent most of my first 6 months in the role learning about Salesforce and connecting with the local Salesforce community, which was pretty small at the time.  As many also-admins learn, Salesforce became a huge part of my day to day job function, which led me to look to the ecosystem for my career path when it was time to move on from that organization.  The rest, as they say, is history!  I left that organization to join a small salesforce consulting company, which was then acquired by Appirio.  I've been incredibly lucky to be a part of such a salesforce focused organization.  Over my 6 and a half years here, I have been able to continue my involvement in the Salesforce community by stepping into a leadership role with the Indianapolis Salesforce User Group, and have been recognized as a Salesforce MVP.

3) Why we Should Join a Salesforce User/Developer Group

[Mike Martin ] :-
1. Networking!  It's a great opportunity to meet other professionals in the same field and share ideas.
2. Learning!  Presentations are always informative, and there's always an expert on hand (or at least someone who has likely been through a similar situation or problem you may be facing!
3. Fun!  As you probably know about the Salesforce community, there are a lot of great people involved in the community, and I always look forward to User Group meetings to catch up with friends and contacts! ( Amit :- I agree Networking ,Fun and Learning )

4) Advice for new Salesforce Developer

[Mike Martin ] :- It’s been said, and I will say it again…the Community!  I was initially successful in the Salesforce ecosystem thanks to User Groups and Twitter, so I always encourage all new users to take advantage of resources local to them through the awesome User Group program.  Twitter, the Success Community, and of course now Trailhead are also great places to get started.

5) Trailhead badges

[Mike Martin ] :- 71 as of last count.  I'm an Expeditioner!  I hope to grab a couple more at the next Salesforce Indy User Group Trailhead Lockin, and level up to Ranger! (Amit :- All The best)

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